Design and consultation of fire protection systems for industrial, commerical and residential

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Fabrication and installation of fire sprinkler systems no matter how complex

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Fire protection service and repair of systems that give you peace of mind

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We provide complete inspection and testing of your fire protection system

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It is important to be proactive in fire prevention when it comes to protecting your employees, your family, your data, and your possessions.






At Carolina Fire Protection, Inc., we have the knowledge, experience, and capabilities to design, install, inspect, maintain, and repair your fire sprinkler system to meet those needs. Whether it is your business or your home, we take your fire and life safety protection seriously.

We are experts in industrial, commercial or residential projects, where our highly skilled and professional team at Carolina Fire Protection, Inc. will work closely with you to meet your needs. Our goal is to supply you with the confidence in knowing that you have provided the most effective and dependable fire protection system for the people you value and the assets you need to keep safe. It’s our business!

Safety & Helpful Info:

Is there anything building occupants can do in regard to the fire sprinkler system?

Yes! Although members of the general public are generally not knowledgeable enough to inspect, test, or maintain a fire sprinkler system, there are a few simple ways in which they can help: Never paint any fire sprinkler. Never hang anything from any part … MORE

MYTH: “Home fire sprinklers often leak or activate accidentally.”

FACT: Leaks are very rare, and are no more likely than leaks from a home’s plumbing system. A sprinkler is calibrated to activate when it senses a significant heat change. They don’t operate in response to smoke, cooking vapors, steam, or the sound of a smoke alarm.


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