What is the liability of not having or not maintaining a sprinkler system?

Recent court decisions have held building owners and managers liable because they did not have a fire sprinkler system in a building that had a fire. Even though sprinkler systems were not required in these buildings by fire or building codes, owners still had to pay out millions of dollars. Similarly, an owner or manager … MORE

Are there financial benefits other than insurance for maintaining a sprinkler system?

Yes! Regular inspections of fire sprinkler systems will help reveal problems (if they exist) long before they become major. Sprinkler system repair can then be scheduled for a convenient time, saving you the cost of unnecessary business interruption. Remember! Owning a sprinkler system without having it inspected is like owning a car and never changing … MORE

How does fire system inspection affect my insurance rate?

Buildings that are completely sprinklered enjoy special reduced rates. However, if the insurance company does not receive verification of system inspection, penalties in the form of higher insurance rates apply. The Insurance Services Office (ISO) publishes a Commercial Fire Rating Schedule (CFRS). Section 402 of the CFRS requires building owners to have annual inspections of … MORE

How often should my system be inspected?

The National Fire Protection Association publishes NFPA 25 Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Water Based Fire Protection Systems. This document recommends that control valves without electronic supervision be checked on a weekly basis, just to make sure that they are in the open position. Other system components have different requirements. Check with the NFPA 25 or the manufacturers’ literature … MORE