Wet Pipe Fire Sprinkler Systems are the most common and simplest fire suppression method on the market today. Since they are comprised of pipes that stay filled with pressurized water, they are frequently installed in factories, warehouses, office buildings, retail stores, and residences where they not susceptible to freezing temperatures.

When an individual sprinkler in the system is activated by heat from fire, the automatic, closed-type sprinkler head immediately discharges water onto the fire. Contrary to many perceptions, a Wet Pipe System is the only system where sprinkler heads discharge water where the temperature reaches the point to activate the heat sensitive element. Water will not be discharged from sprinkler heads where the heat and fire do not exist. However, as more individual sprinkler heads are subsequently activated by heat, they too will discharge water onto the fire until it is controlled or extinguished.

At Carolina Fire Protection, we design, install and repair wet pipe fire suppression systems for a variety of buildings, including industrial, commercial, retail and residential.