Yes! Fire Sprinkler systems are designed to the conditions which exist, or are expected to exist, within a building when the sprinkler system is installed. After any changes to the building or the use of the building an analysis should be done to determine if the sprinkler system is adequate. Similarly, even if the building and its use remain the same, changes in the water supply or changes to equipment in the sprinkler system necessitate a reevaluation of the system. Any time a sprinkler system is reviewed for these reasons, it should be done by a fire sprinkler contractor or a registered fire protection engineer. The following is a partial list of situations where a full re-evaluation should be performed.

  1. Change or addition of backflow preventer or water meter.
  2. Change of building occupancy or use.
  3. Change in building (walls, partitions, additions).
  4. Reduction in public water supplies (sometimes done in areas for water conservation).